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Baah’s Upcycled Denim Rugs 3’x2′


  • If you like to move around places from football grounds to rooftops this is best suited with your style. Handcrafted by the finest for all you arty or sporty shoppers. 100% sustainable and upcycled, in chindi and cotton mix thick pile this mini rug with its highest level of durability can be used at ease for home and outdoors whether for bedsides, office space, kitchen, door-fronts, bath fronts, picnic, sports fields or rooftop addas. This denim upcycle is beautifully knitted, is easily washable and has high durability.We care for nature and we upcycle.

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    • Rugged look with rugged usage, this super sturdy upcycled denim is detailed in curation by Baah’s artisans in remote rural communities.  Earthy, eco-friendly, sustainable, Bangladeshi, yet stylish and all that you believe in.
      • Size and material: Length 3′ x Width 2′ with upcycled denim
      • Line design: Floor mat design with tassel, which showcases minimalism
      • Design: a pattern brings any space to life and a distinct accent to your existing décor
      • Usage: Usage: These minimalistic earthy tones are meant for living room, bed-sides, balconies, rooftops, bathroom, picnics, kitchen space, yoga, reading room, etc.
      • Care: Best is to dry wash. Vacuum regularly to prevent dirt from becoming trapped in the fibers


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