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Upcycled Vivid Comfort Rugs 5’x3′


Vivid in color as it comes. If you care for the softest of touch under your feet, a bit of vibrancy for your eyes, and you care a bit to save our nature too, this is for you. Working from home is hectic enough too, so try make it as convenient so you can have a razor sharp focus get your arrangement relaxed and right, staying close to nature by embracing Baah’s recycled sustainable goods.

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    Handcrafted by the finest for all you artsy or sportsy shoppers. 100% sustainable and upcycled, in chindi and cotton mix thick pile this mini rug with its highest level of durability can be used at ease for home and outdoors whether for bedsides, office space, kitchen, door-fronts, bath fronts, picnic, sports fields or rooftop addas. This unique cute Rib Rug beautifully knitted, is easily washable and has high durability.

    Color: multi-variant color tones
    Size : Length 5 x 3 feet
    Material : Cotton and denim mix
    Design : Rectangular
    Dye : Natural Dye
    Usable : Both sides (durable & washable)