Natural Living Handcrafted Placemats

Baah’s Jute Tablescape: Timeless, Minimalistic Yet for Sustainable Living  

In this part of our world and our culture, the dining table is the epitome of our social lives. We gather around it with our close-knitted family, and on occasions with our friends, have the best of Addas, and share our everyday highs and lows. Within our heartfelt conversations lies the reflection of our taste and the choice of ambiance we create on top and around the tables. Then there are the big occasions and dawats that we are getting concerned about, what to pull off, not only in terms of the food items from biryanis, to kebabs and fish items, but the overall presentation and décor.  Baah with its ever-growing shopper base who are receptive to eco-friendly home décor and sustainable living goods in general has taken a liking to our Natural Living’ Jute Handcrafted placemats and coasters.

Meant For All You Earthy Lovers

Meant for all you Earth Lovers Befitting to Baah’s signature style, our Natural Living handcrafted table mats and coasters are biodegradable and made from sustainable material, that is, jute, yarned by our ever-so-skillful rural women artisans. Our natural bohemian style jute fiber placemats and coasters are one classic way to introduce woven texture to your table. Timeless and functional weaved and coiled intricately with meticulous effort, time, and skills, they will look chic with your favorite tones of dark timber or vintage whites to complete with earthy ceramics and linens. Also, if you are looking for machine perfection in every stitch, then these handcrafts might not be your best bet. These collections are casual enough to use every day, but can easily be dressed up for fancy dinner or lunch occasions.

Baah’s Women Artisans At Their Best

Using a strong needle, and fine jute and cotton thread, our women artisans place tiny stitches through every layer to keep things securely in place. The best way to clean, such as jute-based handicrafts, suggest you shake it outside to dislodge dirt or dust and very occasionally dry wash, if at all. Classic reversible design makes these handicrafts suitable even for outdoor use or rooftop picnics. Eco-friendly with a very low carbon footprint our biodegradable jute fibers are twice-washed for the unrivaled softness and beauty of the placemats or coasters.  Never to go out of style, our jute-based placemats, table mats, and coasters, and you being a minimalist and high preference for subdued hues, can stamp your signature of promoting natural conscious and ethical living.

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