Baah’s Vintage Table Runner finest of weave



  • Size: 73″ x 12″
  • Material:  Jute
  • Usable: Both the sides
  • Product Code: BTR01
  • Product by: Baah Store

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Both timeless and functional, this super sturdy piece is detailed in curation by Baah’s artisans in remote rural communities. Delicate weaving techniques are used for a stunning natural texture ingrained with black and white threads to give it the classiest of outlook to go with your perfectly toned ambience. Earthy, eco-friendly, sustainable, Bangladeshi, yet stylish and all that you believe in.

  • classic reversible design makes it suitable for outdoor use or rooftop picnics
  • Eco-friendly with a very low carbon foot print
  • biodegradable jute fibers are twice-washed for unrivaled softness and beauty
  • They are robust and will withstand condensation
  • Combining durability with beauty, this rug will endure a lifetime of wear and never go out of style
  • Using a strong needle, and fine jute or cotton thread, artisans place tiny stitches through every layer to keep things securely in place
  • To clean, we suggest you shake it outside to dislodge dirt or dust.