Baah’s Vintage Chequer Jute Cross Body Bag


Baah’s handmade jute crossbody bag featuring contrasting color with a fully lined interior.

A unique blend of denim and jute makes the Green Mint one of it’s kind. A functional crossbody bag with sustainable jute keeps it’s promise to be eco-friendly and also trendy.

Size:  Large –  H 10″  x W 9.5″ Strap Length: 34″



    Beautiful embroidered mini crossbody hand bag. Perfect match with any winter attire to attend the festivals  throughout the winter. 

    Suitable for carrying small important items like money/cards, phone, tissues, etc..

    -Detachable and adjustable strap

    -Two zipped lock

    -Size: H 10″  x W 9.5″

    -Strap Length: 34″/adjustable