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A digital-first sustainable living brand. With in-house designs and biodegradable, we spread our love to our ever-growing progressive shoppers. Baah is first of its kind in terms of an upcycle ecommerce brand in Bangladesh. Whether it’s the ownership or artisan workforce, whether rural or urban, women are highly morphed into our business model. We also ran a digital inclusion program for a more robust, holistic empowerment model to build a creative economy through gender inclusiveness & we pledge to continue our impact journey.

Board Of Directors

Shamira Mostafa

Marina Huq

Mirajul Huq

Baah’s Social Impact Through Weaving Bangladesh

Baah is a brand working with eco-friendly, upcycled and sustainable goods, with an added value of executed social impact goals. As the strategic and implementation partner of Practical Action and Internet Society Foundation with prime focus on digital inclusion of jute and recycled based selected Rural SMEs, Baah team launched project Weaving Bangladesh, conducting 120 training on Ecommerce, Mobile Financial Services and Health & Safety Awareness to 2100+ Rural Women Weavers in remote corner of Bangladesh over last 24 months. Alongside that, we trained 15 SMEs and 20 digital hubs on ecommerce content management so that they can have direct access to bulk buyers in Bangladesh and abroad alike.

Direct Access to Market: Root-level Digital Inclusion Training & Dedicated Ecommerce Platform

Baah’s aim is not only to give 15 rural jute and recycled-based SMEs direct access to the market through ICT-based modules so that they can operate from their own hometown, communities, and roots but also to keep the families together – for SME owners and all the women weavers alike so that they continue this sustainable work in remote rural communities rather than moving to Dhaka or major cities for redundant opportunities. And why paying artisans a fair price for their work alongside health and safety and ICT knowledge is key to the full spectrum of living. Hence in mid-2022, we launched weavingbangladesh.com, which is to cater to foreign B2B buyers to directly connect to our SMEs. Under, Baah, Weaving Bangladesh remains an online marketplace model in this aspect. What matters is not only giving our SMEs direct access to the market through ICT-based training, but also, a dedicated digital platform so that they can operate from their own home, communities, and roots, keeping the families together, with a vision of aligning to the following 8 out of the 17 SDG goals.


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    We stand behind our quality and craftsmanship. Catering to your savvy interior, these natural beauties often tell the weaving stories of our rural women artisans’ resilience, compassion, and craftsmanship.

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