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Baah Store Ltd. Baah, a brand inspired by the exquisite preference of aesthetically attentive shoppers, we bring to you products curated organically with care and genuine craftsmanship by Baah’s dedicated and ever so skillful artisan pool.

Baah is an exclusive Bangladeshi brand with a high level of focus on handicrafts. As an online shop, we focus on innovative designing and curating handicraft products in Bangladesh and spread our love to our niche yet progressive shoppers. Most of our goods are eco-friendly products sustainable home goods. Our ownership is lead by women entrepreneurs with key focus on  rural women artisans highly morphed into our business model. Shopping from us, you are not only helping mother nature, but also empowering innumerable women with skill and hard work along their life long journey. Jute diversified products as an eco-friendly good, upcycled sustainable goods made out of cotton, denim, jeans or other fabric materials is our inspiration to make the best out of what is that upheaves the nature, the women, the nation and the shopping affinity of our progressive shopper base. We have already implemented key milestones of sustainable development goals under the banner of Baah Store limited. If design uniqueness, women empowerment and eco-sustainability is our game, so can be yours.